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Read This Book To Prepare For The Great Transition & Opportunities Awaiting You!



Predicting the future trajectory of global events and economic trends has always been a challenge for many economists. This is because of the changing dynamics in the geopolitical sphere, governmental policies, and shifting societal beliefs and ideologies, all of which affect investment and consumption of goods and services, the main drivers of the global economy. The most difficult task of all is to build a common consensus, and disparities often occur even among the most diligent of economists.


Chinese astrology has been taught and used in predicting economic events based on the understanding of the 5 energy elements that control our planet’s geophysics, thereby affecting certain sectors of the economy due to the presence of favorable and unfavorable energies that rule a particular day, month, or year.


Through this book, the authors hope to provide us with a glimpse of the future over the next 5 years based on their collective knowledge of Chinese astrology and understanding of prevalent geopolitical, economic, and financial trends that would exert themselves in the coming years. Tremendous amount of research have been done by the authors to help us understand today’s technology trends and how they will play significant roles in altering the way we live our lives in the future. They also discuss potential pivotal events that could reshape the geopolitical landscape in the coming years and have wide ramifications for future generations.

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