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What if anxiety isn’t a disease? What if it’s a product of a healthy system, signaling you that it’s now time to make some changes? If you could pause your hectic life for a moment to listen to your inner voice, what would it say needs modification?


If there were a guide to assist in systematically evaluating critical aspects of life, one at a time, would you use it? If it contained practical solutions to improve health, mindset, finances, relationships, and habits, where would you want to start?


In this autobiographical guide, Dr. Nate Dallas shares his eye-opening, personal experiment to escape the cultural epidemic of anxiety and entrapment that ensnares so many highly productive people. In his unabashed, down-to-earth style, he presents an entertaining and enlightening journey, challenging you to break away from cultural norms and live the contrarian life you know you deserve. He streamlines complex processes into a practical, systematic prescription designed to elevate your experience.


Phase 1 - Physiology (sleep, breathing, nutrition, & exercise)


Phase 2 - Psychology (human needs, pattern breaking, mindset, & meditation)


Phase 3 - Life Application (recreation, money, work, systems, & relationships)


Buckle your seat belt and don’t look back. You’re going to love this ride!


About the Author

Dr. Nate Dallas is recognized as an energetic thought leader in the fields of entrepreneurship, healthcare, productivity, and family life. He is celebrated for his compassion, creative wit, and transparent leadership style. He is a serial entrepreneur, an artist, an inventor, and an outdoorsman. His true passion is in inspiring and assisting others to grow into the best version of themselves. He is a featured speaker at various events across the US and maintains a blog at

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