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🔥🔥🔥 Invest Like a Stock Market Guru: The Complete Value Investing Guide That Works! leads you to the right path in investing, that is to treat investing in a stock akin to investing in a business. Successful value investor KC Chong (Master of Finance) provides comprehensive step-by-step guidance to successful investing with supporting real world examples. You will learn how to:

✅ UNDERSTAND the risks and rewards in stock investment

✅ USE fundamental analysis to value companies and pick the right stocks

✅ AVOID losing money in the stock market

✅ IDENTIFY quality stocks with moats to invest for long-term, or cyclical stocks to invest in mid-term when they are selling cheap

✅ MASTER the various relative and absolute valuation techniques for stocks

✅ DISTINGUISH between stock price and a company’s worth

✅ DISCOVER time-tested & proven successful value investing strategies used by gurus

✅ APPLY successful value investing strategies to make money and grow your wealth


This book is comprehensive and covers many aspects of fundamental value investing.

It may end up as your best investment!


👍 “Currently there is a shortage of good reading materials on fundamental investing written by local investment gurus for investors especially stock market newbies. The series of articles written by Mr. KC Chong have certainly helped to fill the vacuum. I am confident that this book will bring a lot of benefits to those looking for guidance. I therefore strongly recommend this book to those who are keen to sharpen their acumen in share investments.”

Cold Eye (冷眼) - successful stock investor and accomplished writer.

Bestselling author of 3 Chinese stock investment books with more than 100,000 copies sold.


K C Chong is a retired qualified engineer with more than 40 years of experience in stock investing. He is a dedicated value investor and has coached more than 1,000 students on fundamental value investing. He has a Master in Finance degree and writes frequently on investing and personal finance.

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