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Master Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Negativity
and Better Manage Your Feelings by Thibaut Meurisse
Master Your Emotions - Thibaut Meurisse - ENG - FC.jpg
Master Your Emotions - Thibaut Meurisse - ENG - BC.jpg

Have you ever thought…

…about your thoughts?


Do you have a bias toward the negative?


Understanding how negative feelings and emotions work is the first step. Then we must learn how to reprogram those emotions and turn them around. A happier life is possible if you follow the steps.


This program works.


Over 300,000 copies sold.


You’ll learn:

- 31 simple coping strategies

- How to make your emotions work FOR you.

- A formula to reprogram your mind

- A free downloadable workbook, and much, much more!


The author was an introvert whose shyness kept him from getting the results in life he wanted. When he decided to devote his life to betterment, everything changed. This is his story and how he found joy.


It will be the blueprint for your transformation, too.


You’ll love this practical, no frills program, because the results are easy to achieve once you’ve decided to Master Your Emotions.

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