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Carl Icahn’s stock investment advice over the years is timeless and so insightful. Most investors fall into stock investment mistakes that they could easily get out of by following Carl Icahn’s investment advice. To sidestep some of the common investment blunders, investors can look at Carl Icahn’s 10 bold and successful stock investment strategies. By borrowing from him, many investors can navigate the harsh investment world and avoid mistakes that jeopardize their investment strategies and returns.

With the following 10 bold and successful stock investment strategies by Carl Icahn, find out the best ways to navigate the harsh investment world we all trade in.

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About Carl Icahn

One of the most revered and most successful figures, and you cannot mention Wall Street without including their name in it. His story started back in the 1980s, to become the accomplished investment corporate raider we know today. Carl Icahn used Drexel Burnham’s junk bonds to attain the name ‘the culture capitalist.

He also established his foundation in the investment world by taking positions in public entities and making extreme changes in their style of management and leadership. Some of his targets and competitors sought ways to lure him away from his objectives. For instance, some even paid him greenmail money, but he would always turn them away.

Later, towards the end of the 20th century, Carl Icahn’s status changed, to become a renowned shareholder advocate. Since then, most investors have followed his investment strategies and invested heavily into the entities he remodeled. Some of the famous changes Carl Icahn brought into the stock investment industry include the Icahn lift. An effect that leads to an increase in stock prices by the expectation that Carl Icahn would expose shareholder value.

Today, he is collectively known as a wealthy American billionaire investor, activist shareholder, and hedge fund manager. For instance, Carl Icahn is perfectly-known for his company, the Icahn Enterprise L.P (NASDAQ:IEP). The entity is based in New York and has vast portfolios vested in the real estate, food packaging, metals, home, fashion, automotive, pharmaceutical, and energy industries.

Carl has achieved billionaire status by taking key positions in entities that exhibit potential future growth signals and trends. Once he buys a particular business, he uses the majority shareholder's powers to change its business policies only to benefit the shareholders. A strategy he successfully employed in managing the NASDAQ;IEP hedge fund he owns. Back in 2011, each of the hedge fund’s investors received their invested funds back.

Carl Icahn is bold when it comes to investment strategies, and he does not shy away from criticizing passive investing. He has taken the bold steps to invest his personal wealth in a vast range of blue-chip companies, some of which include;

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX),

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL),

Lyft, Inc. (NASDAQ:LYFT).

eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY)’s part of the larger PayPal Holdings, Inc.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:PYPL) in 2014.

In the last few years, he has invested most of his wealth into the consumer discretionary sectors, information technology, energy, and industrials

What are some of Carl Icahn’s Large Investments?

Top 10 Carl Icahn’s heavy investments

Carl Icahn has heavily invested in a vast range of industries and some of them include;


S. Steel.

RJR Nabisco.


Marvel Comics.

Time Warner.

Blockbuster Video.

King Pharmaceuticals.




Apple Inc.

You can see and read more about his largest investment portfolios here.

Carl Icahn’s 10 Bold and Successful Stock Investment strategies

How to Navigate the Harsh Investment World? - Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn the renowned stocks investments guru emphasizes that it is vital for all investors to have patience, intelligence, determination, and combine diverse strategies. These bold and successful stock investment strategies put together have helped many investors to navigate the harsh investment world most investors thrive in.

Carl learned the strategies in college, by playing poker games and adopting bold strategies to overcome odds. For instance, he narrates that he used to make $2,000 every summer. After college, he realized that he could employ the bold strategies he had learned to invest in the stock markets.

Shortly after Carl Icahn ventured into stock markets, he fully grasped the arbitrage trading tactics. The art helped him to exploit the price of a vast range of stocks across the markets and still make huge profits.

Carl Icahn’s 10 Bold and Successful Stock Investment Strategies

Investors, especially the young ones have attested the success in following Carl Icahn’s bold and successful stock investment strategies. These strategies always provide perfect guidance and huge trading successes if followed.

1. Long-term and Value-investing Investment Approach

Most of Carl Icahn’s major investments over the years have been long-term ventures. Icahn believes that in long-term investments investors get a perfect chance to follow value-investing strategies that have good and high yields. Investors should mostly target entities whose stocks are trading below current prices and in industries with stock prices reflecting P/E ratios (price-to-earnings), or simply book values that surpass market valuation.

Carl further advises that investors should look at entities as individual businesses, and stay away from Wall Street’s strategy-looking only for their quarterly earnings performances.

2. Take Time to Understand each Business

Carl Icahn fully emphasizes the need for all investors to study each business’s potential before they invest in it. The mentality to understand that they are buying the shares of a particular business, and not a mere paper is very vital. Thus, investors should take all the time they need and try to understand the businesses whose stocks they are interested in.

A key strategy for success in stock investing.

3. Pay Attention to Pricing Indicators

Carl also mentions that it is essential for investors to pay a keen focus on the pricing power of a business. The pricing power of every business is a key indicator of the productivity of a business. Once investors understand the pricing power of each business it becomes easy to navigate through the harsh times in their investments.

Pricing powers for different entities change with time and similarly affect the productivity of the business investors choose. Focusing on the pricing power gives investors key investment insights that they can use to their benefit. Another vital strategy to become a successful stock investor.

4. Watch Out for These Two Prime Investment Mistakes

Acting impulsively and not acting at all by investors are termed as the major mistakes anyone in the harsh investment world can ever do! Carl Icahn insists that these two key mistakes should be avoided at all costs. Because they have huge impacts on the lives and businesses of a vast number of investors.

However, investors should not act precipitously without second thoughts and still, they are supposed to ‘idle act all’. As investors make investment decisions in this harsh investment world, they need to stay calm and patient too. They should avoid making investment decisions impulsively, however, it does not mean they need to be dormant.

Carl Icahn says that investors also need to be overly aggressive whenever it is time to invest. They should not miss valuable chances and opportunities by failing to react to potential investment opportunities that they come by.

5. Avoid Shared Collective Opinions – Herd Mentality Strategy

Many investors fall into the shared collective opinions pothole, and it traps their investment successes. A phenomenon Carl Icahn terms as the herd mentality of the shared collective opinion. He insists on the need for all investors to resist

the urge to with a common shared opinion trend just because it's popular.

He feels that the herd mentality formula is not successful in the world of investing and often such decisions fail miserably. Investors who opt to go with popular opinions and trends, find it hard to navigate the harsh investment waters. Because these opinions do not last long, their momentum always falls apart and leaves many in financial crises.

Carl emphasizes the need to make well-informed and calculated investment moves pegged on market analyses, trends, and patterns. He further adds that investors, even trading experts, are always wrong when they all agree on the same investment opinion. To navigate this trap boldly and successfully, investors should go for shares in unpopular entities; moreover, he suggests investing in stocks that are unfavored by the markets.

Additionally, he advises investors to be bold and greedy whenever others are afraid to venture into, and still apply the same moves whenever others are bold and greedy. A contradictory trading strategy that has high yields if investors use the right moves.

6. Find and Invest in Undervalued Assets

Investors should find and invest in most of the undervalued assets, Carl points out. The strategy has worked perfectly for him over the years, and it is one of the best ways to become successful in stocks. Investors should always be on the lookout for underpriced assets and heavily invest in them.

These undervalued assets, for instance, stocks, always have potential value surges in prices. Cash in whenever you come across such undervalued assets to wait for the profits when their prices surge later. However, picking and investing in the undervalued assets should be done after considerable analyses and sure on the bets.

This is the only way to perform better than the stock market average. Carl Icahn concludes this by stating that, the magnitude of your investment success determines a lot compared to your investing frequency.

7. Go All out and Make Large Stock Buys

Get some bold conviction and bet big on your best investment ideas. Investors should see a sure bet investment opportunity and boldly grab it; thus, they should go out and make huge stock purchases of that stock to later profit from it.

Simply, Carl Icahn insists on bold moves accompanied by conviction or the drive to make large stock investments.

8. Invest for the Long-term

Apart from being active in investments, Carl Icahn maintains the need for investors to make long-term investments. It works perfectly to be a long-term investor and an active investor at the same time. Additionally, the strategy is clever, profitable, and one that generates solid returns just by holding the investments for a long time.

Carl Icahn believes that risk-taking moves involved in short-term investments should also be used in long-term ones. The long-term investments are wise and very profitable in the end.

9. Be Ready to Adapt to Different Situations-Situations Flexibility

Investors should have entry and exit plans because flexibility makes it easy to handle diverse market situations. They need to be flexible and ready for diverse kinds of risks in the stock markets since the market is ever unpredictable.

Thus, it is vital for all investors to embrace unexpected changes in the markets and deal with them accordingly as they happen. Similarly, Carl Icahn suggests the need for investors to be aware of open opportunities as they happen too. By doing so, the investors get a perfect opportunity to benefit from the results of new stock market information as it comes.

10. Relish and Love the Investing Art

Most investors spend a lot of their time worrying about the investments they make; however, Carl Icahn suggests enjoying the investment journey rather than overthinking about it! He says he enjoyed the investing journey which involved hunting for investment opportunities more than the lavish life he got after the profits.


All the strategies we have highlighted in this article act as the benchmarks set by Carl Icahn for all investors to make smart investing strategies. They have been tried as bold and successful stock investing strategies that have helped many to navigate the harsh stock investment world in the best ways.

Just like Carl who is ever bold and never shies away from a sound investment opportunity, investors can follow his strategies to reap high profits and become wealthy.

Go all out and boldly invest in any businesses that show potential profits in the future, just like Carl Icahn always does.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Carl Icahn’s IEP a good stock?

Carl Icahn Enterprises (NASDAQ:IEP) pays an annual dividend of $8.00 per share and currently has a dividend yield of 16.37%. IEP has a dividend yield higher than 75% of all dividend-paying stocks, making it a leading dividend payer.

What is Carl Icahn's net worth?

It is estimated that Carl Icahn’s net worth in 2022 is approximately $22 billion (about $68 per person in the US).

How did Carl Icahn make his money?

In the 1980s, Icahn developed a reputation as a "corporate raider" after profiting from the hostile takeover and asset stripping of Trans World Airlines. Icahn is on the Forbes 400 and has a net worth of approximately $17 billion to $15.2 billion.

What Kind of Investor Is Carl Icahn?

Like Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn follows an unconventional investment strategy, choosing a position contrary to the sentiment of most investors. In particular, he seeks stocks with low price-to-earnings ratios or book values exceeding their market value.

What Companies Does Carl Icahn Own?

Carl Icahn is the founder of and majority owner of Icahn Enterprises (IEP), a diversity holding company. IEP operates across seven operating segments and includes subsidiaries such as Icahn Automotive Group, pharmaceutical company Vivus, and home textile provider WestPoint Home. Icahn has a healthy portfolio of investments, many of which he is a majority owner.

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