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“Start Investing In Properties With Only RM100: Reit Investing For Beginners”

is a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in REIT investment opportunities in Malaysia and overseas.

REITs offer some of the best total returns, above-average dividend yields, and stable earnings. Now is an excellent time for investors to consider REITs for both diversification and strong total returns as their earnings and dividends are making a solid post-pandemic comeback.


Chia Wan Chow, a seasoned REITs investor and author of two investing books, offers a refreshing and insightful take on how everyone can become a successful REIT investor. The book covers:


How to research & analyse REITs

Factors that affect REITs’ performance

How to build a diversified REIT portfolio

The risk-and-reward dynamics of REIT investing

Corporate exercise, practical investment tips &



Presented in an engaging conversational style, this book is an essential read for both first-timers and seasoned investors who wish to build a reliable income stream and grow their wealth with REITs.

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