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Stock markets hold promises of fortunes to be made, yet many investors rarely stop to ponder that they can also be very dangerous arenas. Investors must consider the various risks involved and learn to mitigate such risks. Surviving & Prospering in Stock Investments delves into this potentially lucrative field. It provides lessons, tales, metaphors and ideas on the safer ways to create wealth while at the same time helps to avoid the pitfalls of speculations. It also serves as an invaluable guide, full of timeless principles from renowned investors. It can help investors navigate their ways along the safer paths amidst the ever fluctuating and sometimes volatile stock markets. The ablest investors often follow certain strategies for their investments; discover the strategies that may help investors thrive in their stock investments. Learn various pragmatic ideas in this metaphor-laden book that are enlightening and entertaining.


Discover in this easy-to-read volume:

✅ What caused Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., who was father of President John F. Kennedy, to avoid becoming a victim of the Wall Street crash of 1929 when a multitude of speculators were financially ruined? He had instead made good use of that golden opportunity to become immensely wealthier.


✅ How Anne Scheiber transformed her initial investment capital of US$5,000 into the incredible amount of nearly US$22 million in five decades. She continued to live a frugal and Spartan way of life in a rent-controlled apartment in New York City even after she became extremely rich.


✅ What is Warren Buffett’s number one rule for stock investments and his main four tenets for investing in stock markets? What kind of mind-set does he maintain to become a superior investor and what tips does he offer to investors? Learn also about the kinds of values he espoused, such as how he proudly wears his thriftiness as a badge of honour.


✅ What were the investment secrets of the great British economist, Lord John Maynard Keynes? His brilliant investments enabled him to build fortunes for himself and also for his alma mater, Cambridge University.


✅ How a US$1,000 investment in 10 shares of a grocery enterprise transformed like magic over time into a fortune of US$1.4 million, and why it often pays to be a contrarian stock investor?

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