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The Secret Lives of Introverts: Inside Our Hidden World
by Jenn Granneman
Secret Lives of Introverts - Jenn Granneman - ENG - FC.jpg
Secret Lives of Introverts - Jenn Granneman - ENG - BC.jpg

An introvert guide and manifesto for all the quiet ones—and the people who love them—on dating, relationships, work, careers, and more.


On behalf of those who have long been misunderstood, rejected, or ignored, fellow introvert Jenn Granneman writes a compassionate vindication—exploring, discovering, and celebrating the secret inner world of introverts that, only until recently, has begun to peek out and emerge into the larger social narrative. Drawing from scientific research, in-depth interviews with experts and other introverts, and her personal story, Granneman reveals the clockwork behind the introvert’s mind—and why so many people get it wrong initially.


Chapters include:

- The Science of Introversion

- Introverts Aren’t Unsociable—We Socialize Differently

- Let’s Be Awkward Together—Introverts in Relationships

- Do I really Have to Do This Again Tomorrow? Introverts and Career

- Inside the Introvert’s Inner World

- And much more!


Whether you are a bona fide introvert, an extrovert anxious to learn how we tick, or a curious ambivert, these revelations will answer the questions you’ve always had:


- What’s going on when introverts go quiet?

- What do introvert lovers need to flourish in a relationship?

- How can introverts find their own brand of fulfillment in the workplace?

- Do introverts really have a lot to say—and how do we draw it out?

- How can introverts mine their rich inner worlds of creativity and insight?

- Why might introverts party on a Friday night but stay home alone all Saturday?

- How can introverts speak out to defend their needs?


With other myths debunked and truths revealed, The Secret Lives of Introverts is an empowering manifesto that guides you toward owning your introversion by working with your nature, rather than against it, in a world where you deserve to be heard.

Is there a hidden part of you that no one else sees? Do you have a vivid inner world of thoughts and emotions that your peers and loved ones can’t seem to access? Have you ever been told you’re too “quiet,” “shy,” “boring,” or “awkward”? Are your habits and comfort zones questioned by a society that doesn’t seem to get the real you? If so, you might be an introvert.

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