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You Deserve This Sh!t: Get Unstuck, Find Your Path,
and Become the Best Version of Yourself by Jordan Tarver
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Are you feeling lost, stuck, or confused? You may need a roadmap for the journey from where you are now to becoming the best version of yourself.


In this authentic self-help book, Jordan Tarver, introspective author and world traveler, guides you on a journey of self-discovery. A close call with death at the age of 19 and a soul-searching solo backpacking trip at 21 taught Jordan how to live. Since then, he’s dedicated himself to living a life infused with meaning and empowering others to do the same.


He uses inspiring stories, workable tactics, understandable action steps, and simple language that help you:

① Get unstuck


It's time to shake off the stagnation you've been living in. The lessons in this book will help you move forward in life.

② Find your path


Understanding your path and being in alignment with that journey makes like more enjoyable and stress-free. Tap into this feeling through the tools in this book.


③ Become the best version of yourself


The best version of yourself is the person who marries their purpose, passion, and potential. Learn how to take this step through this book


As you progress through its pages, you’ll learn how to create positive change in your life NOW to live the life of your dreams FOREVER.


By the end of You Deserve This Sh!t, you’ll have a newfound awareness of yourself and the world around you, the courage to always go outside your comfort zone, and the passion for living an intentional life. You will feel empowered to make choices that align with your goals and feel deserving of the exact life you want to live.


Let your journey begin. This book is your nudge.

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